SOFTECH is a company, formed by a group of professionals in different areas, dedicated to creating comprehensive solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.



It is the foundation of our business. At SOFTECH, we guarantee that you will receive our best service.


Our prices are within the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises, adapting to a reasonable and competitive budget. The investment you make with SOFTECH offers you the best cost-benefit ratio.


This should be the most important consideration when hiring a service; simply by contacting SOFTECH we will respond promptly to your requests and needs.


You can start with an economic package and then improve it according to the Company´s growth, needs and budget.


We are a serious company that respects and cares about the interests of our clients. We consider the information provided to be completely confidential.


We have solid knowledge in the design and development of applications, and 20 years of experience in managing wholesale distributors.


In the development of software solutions, we strive to know the needs of the company and of all the people who will use the system. Through detailed analysis of your company’s processes and the use of proven and efficient methodologies, good results will not achieved by chance.


SOFTECH’s commitment is to apply the newest technology to create applications that satisfy its customers. We are very clear about the concept that a good service brings with it more clients and projects. In addition, a good solution implemented generates good references, and even friendships.


Staying at the forefront of technological developments and constantly prepare ourselves through research, use and training of new technologies, with a clear focus on development and expansion according to the demands of our customers and our own market based on the service, work, professionalism, support and honesty of all members of this company.

Do you want to lower operating costs and automate
processes for wholesale?