With the aim of improving the service and the shopping experience inside and outside the commercial premise, a new mobile app, the Super Assistant, is available to the Customer.

The Customer can receive notifications of offers on his/her mobile when it is close to the products on offer within the commercial premise. In addition, he/she can use the app as a price verifier by scanning the product bar code with the camera. The customer can also add them to the virtual shopping cart to know at all times the total he/she is spending and compare it against a budget.

On the other hand, the System can indicate to the Customer the precise place where the products are located in the commercial premise, accessing a map of the place and Agenda Register of products to buy. Another important benefit is that the Customer can comfortably create his/her shopping list with the products he/she needs from home and then use this list inside the commercial premise or send the order to be prepared.All these functionalities will influence a better shopping experience, increasing loyalty with the supermarket and providing users with a satisfactory experience.


  • Being able to check product prices by scanning the barcode using your phone camera
  • Finding a product quickly, as the 'Super Assistant' contains the exact location of all merchandise.
  • Finding out about all current offers, the Assistant has a banner with photos of offers and you can see them on your phone
  • Locating other offers by enabling BLUETOOTH functionality on your phone. Through BEACONS devices located on the shelves, the 'Super Assistant' will send you notifications to the phone with the offer with a range of 30 meters approximately.
  • You can set an amount in pesos of your purchase and the 'Super Assistant' will indicate the balance you have each time you add a product to the cart.
  • Generating a shopping list at home, in the office, in your car or wherever you are. And, when you arrive at the supermarket, you can add, change or delete products. Facilitating the purchase process.
  • Sending the shopping list to the supermarket to prepare your order. Making your shopping time more efficient.

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