This mobile tool, Prolixus, facilitates the daily management of Sellers, saves them time, which allows the visit of a greater number of Customers, it allows a better customer service, the sales supervisor has greater control and organization of his or her sales team.


  • It Increases the professionalism of the seller and the efficiency of the Company.
  • Improved order preparation and shipping times.
  • Zero reduction to error in the loading of the Items that make up the Order.
  • Reduction of the physical intervention of the operator at the headquarters.
  • It reduces shipments of erroneous products, it avoids Returns.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • It reduces paper waste.
  • Possibility of displaying product images in high definition.
  • It improves the collection process; the same seller is the one who registers the collections.
  • Tracking of sellers using satellite tracking.

Do you want to lower operating costs and automate
processes for wholesale?