The management processes around the Command Board allow the company to focus on the implementation of the short- and long-term strategy in a simple and effective way.

It allows managing the implementation of a Strategic Plan and Objectives and then translating them into action.

In this way, the Company´s directors are informed - day by day - and in real time, about the progress in the achievement of the pre-fixed goals.

In short, the Command Board is a computer system that serves to monitor, through Indicators (Financial and NOT Financial), the scope of strategic objectives in real time.

'What cannot be measured cannot be administered' (Peter Drucker)


  • It allows you to monitor the operation of your company in real time
    The Board draws on management system data (ERP) and that information is transformed into indicators that are aligned with the Company’s Strategy.
  • High availability
    All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. It allows different platforms: PC, Notebooks, Tablets or Smartphones.
  • It is simple to use
    It is designed for directors and oriented to decision-making, no technical knowledge is required, it is very simple to use and interpret.
  • High degree of safety
    The system is designed so that only users with permissions can have access to the information.

Why is an integrated management solution needed?

The need for information in due time and form has become a crucial issue in modern companies that understand that in the world of high competitiveness, having key indicators allows them to make the right decisions, differentiating themselves strategically from their competitors.

It is therefore of vital importance that technological and functional resources understand the dynamism of companies. Therefore, there are unsatisfied demands for information at most managerial levels of companies, despite the large investments often made on transactional systems. Based on this reality, there appears the need to provide instruments for the support of managerial and executive decisions.

It is vital, for these decision levels, to have the capacity to define critical success indicators in the different functional areas of the company. Companies that want to obtain these benefits (almost indispensable for their own future subsistence) must use the Management Command Board as the cornerstone of a new strategic system.

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